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The Weekender Bag - Hello Weekend

The Weekender Bag - Hello Weekend

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Feel good about choosing earth-saving products with our Weekender Bag. Not only is it eco-friendly - made from recycled plastic bottles - it’s beautifully designed for all occasions.  

Beach trips, weekends away, family picnics or just doing the grocery shopping. A lightweight, yet strong design means you’ll fit more in this bag than any other. Simply wipe clean, refold flat and tuck it away for next time. 


* 100% recycled & recyclable material. 

* Water-resistant and lightweight.

* Folds back to its flat shape easily.

* Strong stitching across the bag and fabric handles.

* Wide strap handle options at two lengths.

* Inner pocket with zipper to quickly stash smaller items.

Material: Made from RPET 

Straps: Two woven handle options. Long strap 70cm, short strap 45cm

*We use an "all over print" design for our products and the positioning of artwork may be different from that as displayed in the picture

Important: Same day delivery available for orders placed prior to 12pm. Saturday deliveries must be placed prior to 3pm on the Friday before. Why is the delivery and pick up option unavailable on some days? We have either reached full capacity with current orders or have a wedding/event to supply.

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