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Bee Bud DIY Kit - Cupoflora

Bee Bud DIY Kit - Cupoflora

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Welcome to the world of Bee Bud – your charming, eco-friendly companion! Crafted with love, this delightful wooden bee brings a unique touch to your indoor greenery.

What's Bee Bud? Bee Bud is more than just a decoration; it's an experience. Arriving as a DIY kit, Bee Bud is composed of high-quality timber pieces that effortlessly pop out and slot together. Designed for simplicity, it's a fun, hands-on activity for all ages.

Where to Place? Perfectly sized to perch on the edge of your favourite plant pot or vase, Bee Bud adds a whimsical charm to any room. Its quaint appearance and natural wooden texture blend seamlessly with your indoor plants, creating a serene, nature-inspired ambience.

Contribute to a Cause With every purchase of Bee Bud, $1 is donated to the Wheen Bee Foundation. Your choice contributes to vital research projects and conservation initiatives, helping preserve the precious bee populations and their natural habitats.

Bring Bee Bud Home Elevate your home décor and support a great cause. Order Bee Bud today and be a part of this eco-friendly journey!

Important: Same day delivery available for orders placed prior to 12pm. Saturday deliveries must be placed prior to 3pm on the Friday before. Why is the delivery and pick up option unavailable on some days? We have either reached full capacity with current orders or have a wedding/event to supply.

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