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Monstera Leaf Traps by UBloomed

Monstera Leaf Traps by UBloomed

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Say 'Bye' To Plant Flies!

These Green Monstera Leaf Traps provide plant protection from adult flying fungus gnats and other plant pests.


Green, functional, and waterproof traps control flying pests by attracting them through scent, colour and location. 

Used to control Fungus Gnats, Thrips, Aphids, White Flies, Fruit Flies and other common flying plant pests.

Inside the Kit:

  • 10x Green Traps
  • 10x Wooden Support
  • Sticks and an Instruction Card

About Our Green Traps

Our Green Traps are double-sided, waterproof, and UV-protected. 

They are non-toxic to all furry friends and are recommended for indoor use only.

Size: Traps are 5cm round, and Wooden Support Sticks are 2cm wide and 10cm long.

Important: Same day delivery available for orders placed prior to 12pm. Saturday deliveries must be placed prior to 3pm on the Friday before. Why is the delivery and pick up option unavailable on some days? We have either reached full capacity with current orders or have a wedding/event to supply.

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